Enjoy your wine easily
and more deeply.
Are We
Selling Wine?
  • 1. Wine in the most wine-like way

    In Europe, wine is a daily drink, just like water. When our CEO returned to Korea after studying wine in England and tried to drink wine, she was surprised at the high prices. The problem, more than the price, was that the wine was positioned with a premium image. The menu that goes well with the wine was limited, and the wine and food prices at the wine bar were ridiculously expensive.

    The wine she felt while living in the UK was not that type of alcohol. It was easy to find at a local supermarket and was perfect to have with daily dinner. Friends can meet at a pub and eat what they want and drink wine casually talking about their day. Although she once spent all her salary to drink a Grand Cru wine she craved for a long time, the public perception for wine was more approachable in the UK.

    She wanted to convey a culture where you can drink wine comfortably every day like your americano, in the most wine-like way possible in Korea. The more you know about wine, the better it is. She has tried many things over the past 20 years, and the essence has never changed. She wanted many people to learn about wine easily and more deeply.

  • 2. Learning more about wine

    There is no other special way to get to know wine better than drinking a lot and often. If possible, it would be better to compare through tasting different wine. However, what makes this possible in Korea is ultimately the price and the food that goes with the wine. If the price is too high, you cannot afford to drink it often, and some Koreans probably will not prefer French or Italian food.

    We have learned that Korean food is good to drink with wine. Even if the wine and the food do not match perfectly, a meal can be rich enough if the wine and the food do not clash too much. We created a 12-category wine ladder and provided a guide to expand the wine selection based on the taste of wine that suites your palate. With Wine Guardians, which is a wine shop brand of our company, we worked hard to ensure that customers can purchase wine at the most reasonable price in the neighborhood. Our other brands such as Burrata Lab and Tap Shop Bar have made tastings possible without any burden to purchase a bottle through its own wine dispensers.

  • 3. Space and data for Wine

    Space you drink wine can be important. For example, not everyone fancies drinking wine at home because you may find some obstacles to fully enjoy your wine at home. Chores, family noises and other life problems are at home. It is difficult to concentrate on the delicate taste of wine in that environment. Sometimes you need a good space to relax and drink wine properly. In this regard, we have been diligently researching and creating spaces. Tap Shop Bar is our first result of creating space for this need.

    There are many different types of wine and you experience can vary greatly depending on the expert's recommendation. However, it is not easy to get expert services due to the limited resources. We provide highly personalized wine recommendations based on the individual wine usage data accumulated from our shops and bars. Rather than simply limiting yourself to your personal preferences, we help you get to know wine in a deeper way by suggesting wines step by step to broaden your choice of wine.

  • 4. The first proper wine O2O service

    The size of the alcoholic beverage market in Australia and Korea are roughly the same. However, the size of the wine market in Korea is more than 10 times smaller. We think the reason Korean wine market did not grow is because of the lack of a proper offline to online service. There are many types and vintages of wine, making inventory management difficult. Through real time online - offline linking, we allow you to check and pick up available wines anytime, anywhere. The base store serves as both a shop and a wine warehouse. Wine pickup and delivery is now available throughout Seoul within 30 minutes. In the long term, data on customers' purchasing patterns is accumulated, making it possible to build more sophisticated wine lists for customers.

What We DoWine Chacha aims to popularize wine in Korea.
We aim to be a global wine franchise company.
  • Wine CurationWine Chacha presents a wine list that is perfect for customers through its unique experience and accumulated data.
  • 20 Year F&B ExperienceFrom Korean food to fresh homemade Burrata cheese. We have 20 years of experience in various F&B fields.
  • Global Franchise CapabilityWe have the capability to expand global franchises under the umbrella of our Korean HQ and our CEO, who studied wine in the UK and has been dedicated to the Korean wine industry for the last 20 years.
  • Data ExpertOur experts collect and analyze data.
  • O2O ServiceOur strength lays on both online and offline, and the wine pickup/delivery services are provided through real-time linkage between online and offline.
  • DispensersWe produce our own dispersers customers can use conveniently, and they are also linked to App.
The Roads We Have PassedWe have been working hard for the last 20 years to help many people enjoy wine easily and more deeply.